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Hi there, my name is Nina. I'm a Los Angeles native currently residing in Vienna, Austria. 

When I was thirteen, a form of magic presented itself to me: MySpace. This interactive, social networking website introduced me to the world of HTML, photo editing, and catchy copy. As the years have gone by and social media became a larger beast than anyone of us could have ever predicted, my hobby turned into professional endeavors and freelancing experiences around the realm of web and graphic design, editing, and writing.

However, my academic intrigues led me to Political Science and International Relations. The idea of being a part of a larger change beyond myself is something I aspire towards everyday, thus my current position as a Communications Associate at UNOV/UNODC.

I hope the samples on my website have piqued your interest to speak to me further about possibly collaborating/working with one another!


I will happily provide my CV and references upon request.

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